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מאיה ברינר


Maya Brinner

Born in Berkley California, Maya is a Dancer & Choreographer, and creates in the field of dance and video.

In her work, Brinner is interested in exploring choreographic methods with a focus on the architecture of body, space and consciousness. She has been creating Site Specific work, choreography for theater and video, and interdisciplinary media combinations.


Graduated from the "Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance", and from the "Sam Spiegel Film School".

Maya started her dancing career in 2000, working with Choreographer Noa Dar, and has since danced with many Leading Choreographers, performing world wide. Her work as dancer acquitted her twice with the "Ministry of Culture Prize for Exceptional Performance."

Since 2007 Maya creates independent work as a Choreographer. She created pieces for "Intimadance Festival," "A-Genre festival," "Curtain-Up Festival," "Acco Festival" and the "Israel Festival".

As well, she has been invited to create choreographies for 'Habima Theater', 'Gesher Theater', for video artist Sigalit Landau, and for vocal artist Victoria Hanna.

Her work has been invited to perform in Italy, Germany, China, Sweden, Singapore, Spain, Latvia and USA.


In recent years, Maya has been engaged in a variety of artistic projects combining dance and movement with community projects. In 2021 she founded and leads  'TNUA MEKOMIT' project, bringing dance into local communities all over Israel.

Winner of the SITE SPECIFIC prize in ACCO FESTIVAL 2022.

Winner of the prestigious "Ministry of Culture Prize for solo performance" 2021.

Winner of the prestigious "Ministry of Culture Prize for young choreographer" 2014.

Winner of Choreography Prize from the "Israel America Foundation 2013.

Winner of the "Teva Award for a New Creation 2011.

Maya Teaches dancers and non-dancers, children and adults worldwide.

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