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Roni Chadash (Performer)

An independent dancer, choreographer and teacher, based in Tel-Aviv.

Roni's professional training included one year at Vertigo Dance Training Workshop  and one year at the Gaaton Dance Workshop. 

After her studies, Roni collaborated with various independent choreographers in Israel and abroad, including Satoshi Kudo, Elias Lazaridis,  Luis Marrafa, Maya Brinner and Odelya Kuperberg.

Roni began her independent artistic path, through the media of video-dance and her early video works received great exposure from video-dance festivals in Israel and abroad including TDFF, Dock11, Dotdotdot & Tanztendenzen.

Roni received numerous awards for her creations, performance & activity,  and was invited to perform all around the world.


Gilboa Egger (Performer)

I started dancing (or rather - love to dance) in sixth grade parties. Professionally - at the age of 26 I started the 'full track' in 'The Group', where I studied for two full years. Since graduating 'The Group' I continued to dance and learn independently. Participating as a dancer In the dance works:

"Distance Variations" by Maya Brinner, "Ever" by Itai Seidel-Cohen, and dance works for festivals: "Stair Case" by Maya Brinner for the Bat Yam Festival 2018 and "Catch a Moment" - an improvisation show by Sharon Gal for the Acre Festival 2018.

In addition to dancing - I guide to therapeutic survival trips in the desert for youth, and various nature-therapy activities for a variety of populations - mainly as part of the "Derech-Lotan".


Hila Gamili (Producer)

Born in 1986. works as an independent dancer. Collaborated with many different independent choreographers, such as: Tamar Borer (Israel, 2014, 2011), Bosmat Nossan (Israel, 2014), Iris Erez (2015), Anna Rotlisberger (2013, 2012), Dana Ruttenberg (Israel 2012), Yossi Berg and Oded Graf (Is


Gil Kerer (Performer)

Dancer, creator and dance teacher, born in 1987. Started dancing at the age of 14 and began his professional career in the young Kibbutz Dance Company, where he danced for two years.

Over the next few years he worked with many independent choreographers, among them Rachel Erdos, Nimrod Fried, Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor, Maya Brinner and Dana Rotenberg. In the years 2009-2011, he danced at the Vertigo Dance Company under the direction of Noa Wertheim.

In 2011 he began to create, and recieves wonderful reviews from the audience, the artistic directors and critics. Since 2012, Gil's works has been shown world wide and participated in master's programs in Israel, Italy, the Canary Islands, Belgium and Uruguay.

Gil teaches contemporary dance, contact and repertoire..


Maayan Horesh (Performer)

Dancer, creator and dance teacher. Graduated from the SEAD-Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. She participated in the works by Maya Brinner, Gil Kerer, Sharona Florsheim, Noa Dar and others. From 2005 until today she is a member of a public movement. She won the EMI Prize for Encouragement of Creativity. And the "Dancer in the Community" scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and Sport. Together with Nitzan Lederman, created the duet "Miss Paul Miss Catch," which premiered at the Intimadance Festival and created the solo "Here I Come", which premiered at the Gvanim Dance Festival in Suzanne Dellal. In addition she collaborated with Maria de Donis (Spain), to create the work 'Betwixt'. She teaches contemporary dance, improvisation and contact workshops for youth, adults and professional dancers in various frameworks throughout Israel.

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Rita Commissarchik (Performer)

Rita Commissarchik Born in 1986, immigrated to Israel from Russia at the age of 4. Her professional training was at Bat Dor and at the Thelma Yellin Arts School.

She danced with the Young Kibbutz Dance Company and since 2005 has worked with many choreographers including Dana Rotenberg, Gilat Amotz, Barak Marshall, Renana Raz, Maya Brinner and Idan Cohen. Over the years Rita has taught dance in private settings and workshops.

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Ayala Frenkel (Performer)

choreographer, dancer and curator. Ayala started her dancing career as a ballroom dancer and was Israel's champion in the field. She later stadied at the workshop in Haifa. From there she began working as an independent dancer and collaborated with Yasmin Goder, Batsheva Dance Company, Yossi Berg and Oded Graf, Iris Erez, Tamar Borer, Maya Brinner, Basmat Nussan, Anna Rotleisberger (Switzerland) and more. In 2015 she began to create as an independent choreographer. Curator and initiator of the "Nifgashot" Festival in cooperation with the 'Kelim' Center, a Festival of Art and Feminist Performance (2017-2019).

Ayala led and took part in various community projects that aspire to offer artistic knowledge from patients to creation A fruitful encounter with various populations such as the elderly, people living with Parkinson's, teenagers and more.

Maya Brinner is generously sponcered by:

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