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Stair Case

Stair Case was created in 2018 for Bat Yam street festival, for 11 dancers on a specific staircase facing the sea.

In the meeting point of water & concrete, of nature and urban life, the dancers create a mirror image of the ocean on the stairs - turning the city into their playground.

Choreography & Concept / Maya Brinner

Performers / Or saadi, Dana Naim Hafouta, Amit Scharf, Ma'ayan Choresh, Bar Gonen, Noam Ilan, Ayelet Avraham, Raviel Malk, Shahar Ben Ami, Giloa Egger, Yarin Yosef.

Dramaturge / Yair Vardi

Producor / Hila Gamili

Premiere:  2018 at Bat-Yam Street Festival

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