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Red Ladies

A trio for three female dancers.

The work analyzes and researches the basic movement in unison as a cultural artistic statement.

Three identical women seek individuality in a world dominated by beauty and power, precision and competition.

Choreography / Maya Brinner

Performance / Shani Ben Haim, Rita Komisharchik, Maya Brinner
Music / Yuval Mesner
Rehearsal Manager / Sharon Zukerman Weiser
Costumes / Marina

Set Designer / Yaara Barzel
Lighting / Hani Vardi
Premiere: Curtain Up Festival 2009, Suzan Dallal.
Artistic Director / Noa Dar

From the press:

"Woods is a piece you can not get out of your mind.

Like opening a scar, the piece opens questions of art, humanity & sexuality. This is a touching, strong and personal piece, existing it's burning start from beginning until the very end"

(Anat Zcharia, Yediot)

Woods is one of the best performances in Curtain-Up Festival…

Brinner is an intense and strong performer, bringing us a brilliant, wonderfully danced piece.

(Rut Eshel, Haarez)

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