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Experimenting Hypnosis

This piece explores the connection between the eye of the spectator and the dancer on stage, as an act of hypnosis. In this act, a relationship consisting of trust, seduction and manipulation is created and the image of the dancer on stage is slowly broken and reassembled. It is a journey into the personal and the collective subconscious.

Choreography / Maya Brinner

Music / Ori Avni

Photo / Tamar Lamm

Premiere 2013, Intimadance Festival , Tmuna Theater.

Curetors: Rotem Tashach and Inbal Yaakobi

From the press:

"A choreographer whose work often employs and reflects upon repeated motions, here too, a repeated motion intensifies and develops, leading into another shape or kind of motion, with, as the title of the work implies, a mesmerizing effect.

It is a visually fascinating performance that sparks a multitude of images and thoughts – not the least of which is the relationship between the exposed position of the dancer onstage and the question of what is revealed, what is concealed, and in this act of hypnosis or seduction, who is in control?"

(Ayelet Dekel - Midnight East).

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