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Distance Variations

On a round arena stage, with the audience surrounding the dancers, we ask questions about the body and about distance. We move in a pendulum motion between the conception of the body as a corpus, and the conception of the body as an image, with its cultural and gender contexts; and wonder about the place and role of the audience (present in their own body) in this stage setting.​

Choreography / Maya Brinner

Performers / Roni Chadash, Gilboa Egger

Music / Ori Avni

Costume DesignSharon Dobjinsky

Stage DesignZohar Shoef

Production / Hila Gamili

Photo / Tamar Lamm

Premiere July 2017, Hateiva Theater.

From the press:

"Variations on Distance" is an intelligent, gentle and interesting dance performance asking questions about distance and intimacy.

The dancers, Roni Chadash and Gilboa Egger, manage to thrill in the hypnotic movement, the polished and refined performance, and their precise collaboration, arousing emotion without being emotional."

(Tami Katz Luria)

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