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The piece investigates our basic need to define the territory around us and call it our own.

We constantly mark what belongs to us, we constantly define and redefine our boundaries. Our boundaries as a society, our physical-emotional boundaries and our red lines.

Choreography / Maya Brinner

Dancers / Ayala Frenkel, Mor Nardimon, Gil Kerer, Maya Brinner
Music / Ori Avni
Rehearsal Manager / Sharon Zukerman Weiser
Costumes / Galit Reych
Lighting / Uri Morag
Premiere @ Curtain Up Festival 2012
Artistic Director / Yoram Karmi

From the press:

"A tight line of bodies in intermediate positions of 'between movements'. They move quickly but almost deliberately inefficient, occasionally a dancer is left isolated, momentary relationships are revealed among the dancers. Maya Briner's vivid image itself glitters in existential despair and inability to connect.
A touching piece, performed by a loyal group of dancers"

(Dance Diaries, Ruth Eshel)

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