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Body Memory

In the digital age, humanity seems to have finally succeeded in creating an endless pool of memories. This is revolutionary in many ways, but perhaps most of all it is revolutionary as it is a memory without a body.

In this interactive installation, we offer a place, which in a traditional technique of imprinting and touching material, can be used to apply our body into the virtual space.

Participants are given the opportunity to imprint parts of their bodies into a wall of images, and watch their own memories interact with memories of others.

We in fact, create a space where people can plant a physical expression of their memory in the virtual world.

We want to raise questions about the life our memories have in the web world. What happens to our memories of cruising in this endless space?

What happens when my memory meets someone else's memory?

Concept / Maya Brinner, Yoav Choen, Roe Kremmer

Tech Support / Roe Kremmer

Artistic Adviser / Lior Zalmanson

The piece premiered in 2014 at Print Screen Festival, Holon.

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