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Solo Salon

A Solo piece in a living room, created during the Covid19 pandemic.

The piece was created at home, on the living room carpet, and since performed on the same carpet in hundreds of houses thought Israel.

It is an intimate, close, small scale show,  with the home as is it's subject and it's background.

The composition flows between art and home, between family and work, incorporating elements of reality and imagination, text and movement, looking with humor and fear at our families, and the reality that emerges and disintegrates within the walls of our houses.

This is an invitation to look at life assembling and reassembling on this rug.

Solo Salon earned Brinner of the Israeli Minister of Culture’s prize for Solo piece 2021.

"Brinner's presence is so strong and authentic, that it sweeps the viewers into a whirlwind of emotions, knocks down the walls of cynicism and manages to excite and fascinate with her honest and passionate performance."

Coreography, performance & concept / Maya Brinner

Music / Arik Einstein, Antonio Vivaldi, Papa M, Michael Kiwanaka.

The piece premiered in Decembre 2020 at Misgav Festival, Misgav.

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