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At The Flag

Ceremonial Performance at a flag post.
The flag post as a point of power, a mark of a land owned and concurred by power.

In this location of the flag pole as an archetypical image of power, my work addresses a very primitive, but never ending need to mark the land around us and call it ours

In this landscape of power and dominance, the individual guarding the flag is never the issue, he is only part of the ceremony of honoring the flag in the name of power. The individual is always second to the most important thing – the country - symbolized by the flag.

By walking extremely slowly around the flag post, without a cause, I am trying to empty the content of the flag as a symbol of power, and bring the focus to the action - the physical experience of the individual body, and to the mental state of walking in circles.

Concept&performane / Maya Brinner

The piece premiered in 2013 as part of a 'ParkInProgress' residance program in Nottingham, England.

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